The Sydney Human Factors Research group has been in operation at the University of Sydney since 1997, at which time it came under the direction of Professor Beryl Hesketh. In 2006 Professor Hesketh left the school and Dr Hamish MacDougall took over as the new director of the Sydney Human Factors Research group.


In its origins, this group has conducted research in the areas of driving simulations (understanding the time, distance and speed perceptions in driving), analyzing decision making and working with the NSW Fire Brigades to address how best to optimize training principles.


Today the Sydney Human Factors Research group has grown to encompass a large range of projects. Driving simulations remain a focus with both stationary and moving driving simulation labs in constant use. Mobile App development for medical diagnostics and monitoring is another focus with many apps having been presented at conferences and used in the field. Virtual Reality lab includes new technologies such as Virtual Reality (HTC Vive), Augmented Reality and 3D bio-printing.