Sydney Local Health District Innovation Symposium 2017


The School of Psychology’s Sydney Human Factors Research group (SHFR) received an award for $20,000 at the Sydney Local Health District Innovation Symposium held at the Carriageworks (22-24 June 2017).

The SHFR group demonstrated to volunteers an explortion of the ‘bottom of the sea’ on the giant screen and with ambient ocean sounds on the PA:

Keynote presentation (with Payal Mukherjee) on medical applications of AR/VR. SHFR group showed two surgeons collaborating to remove a swallowed pen lid from a virtual patients trachea using ‘mixed reality’ (live video of real participants against a chroma key backdrop superposed on a virtual environment – operating theatre).

SHFR group demonstrate Virtual Reality ‘Experiences’ on dozens of participants in a smaller room using two more sets of Vive VR gear and powerful laptops:

SHFR group competing for ‘The Pitch’ SLHD Innovation Challenge using 7 pairs of portable Gear VR (smart phone) goggles on all the judges. Remote control over WiFi was utilised and showed examples of the 3D (stereoscopic) 360° video that we get from the labs new VUZE camera (8 lenses).

SHFR group pitch to support a “Virtual Reality ‘A10D’ (Attendee) Service for Hospitalised Patients” was one of the two winners (from dozens of applicants) and we were presented with a 20k cheque from the SLHD and Bupa.