• March 2016, 17th meeting of the Prosper Ménière Society, Zell im Zillertal, Austria:

Professor Ian Curthoys was awarded The Gold Medal Award for furthering the goals of the Prosper Meniere Society through research excellence, scientific innovation, and far-reaching contributions to the investigation of inner ear disorders.

Gold Medal



  • June 2012, 27th meeting of the Bárány Society, Uppsala, Sweden:

Professor Ian Curthoys was awarded the Robert Bárány Jubilee Gold Medal, by the Bárány Society for Vestibular Research, in recognition of outstanding morphological and physiological studies on the vestibular organs and for innovative and crucial contributions to vestibular research in its widest sense.




  • July 2012, Frontiers 2012: The Art, Science and Future of Otorhinolaryngology: Hamish MacDougall and coauthors were awarded the poster prize for their poster: “The video head impulse test (vHIT) detects vertical semicircular canal dysfunction.”



Dr Hamish MacDougall’s awards:


  • Bárány Society Hallpike-Nylén Medal (Uppsala, June 12th 2018)
  • The ADANO Audiology and Neurotology Innovation Prize (2016)
  • Vestibular Disorders Association – Champion of Vestibular Medicine 2016
  • GPRWMF, Frontiers 2014, Poster Prize.
  • Invited member of the Barany Society 2014
  • GPRWMF, Frontiers 2012, Poster Prize.
  • NASA Certificate of Recognition for a Space Act Award, November 8, 2005
  • 1. Tasman Lovell Memorial Medallion for best PhD thesis in Psychology, 2003
  • School of Psychology, Research Publication Prize for 2003
  • Research Scholarship – Garnett Passe & Rodney Williams Foundation. 2001-2003
  • School of Psychology, Research Publication Prize for 2002
  • Scholarship – Barany Society – Young Scientist 2002
  • Student Fellowship – NIDCD of the National Institute of Health 2002
  • Ph.D. Scholarship – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. 1998-2000
  • NASA Certificate of Achievement, ATLAS project on Neurolab, STS-90. 1998