• 8/05/09 Sean Cusick, Nine MSN, “Uni to test ice addicts behind the wheel”,
  • 8/05/09 Giovana Vitola,“Cientistas testam habilidade de usuarios de drogas no volante”, BBC Brasil online
  • 7/05/09 Kez Casey, “Australian World-First Research Into the Effects of Drugs on Driving”, The Motor Report,
  • 7/05/09 News article on University of Sydney website entitled “Drug driving put to the test” on how drugs such as ice and speed affect driving ability.
  • 6/05/09 A Daily Telegraph reporter and a photographer game to see the school of psychology simulator and hear about our driving research project on the Assessment of Driving with Methamphetamine Users. The USYD media office is also planning to submit news to JJJ, the Glebe Newspaper and Catalyst (ABC).
  • 20-21/04/09 A New York Times reporter and a Reuters camera man came to report on our testing of Astronauts pilots at the Vertical Motion simulator at NASA Ames.
  • 11/04/09 Rob Muir: “Help for confused astronauts”, video news by Reuters
  • 10/04/09 Many Belgian reporters and film crews covered our ESA project – testing of Fran De Winne (a Belgian Astronaut) at the Yu. A. Gagarin Russian State Scientific-Research and Test Centre of Cosmonaut Training – Star City, Moscow.