Affiliated Student Projects


Student Projects


  • Causes of poor vestibular compensation to peripheral vestibular loss – Leigh McGarvie (2013-present)



  • Vision
  • Eye movement responses in CANVAS patients – David Szmulewicz (2011-present)

Past Student Projects


  • Designing a low cost system to measure Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMPs) – Philip D’Rozario (2012)
  • Vestibular testing: video Head-Impulse and Posturography – Katie Hooton (2011)
  • Accurate VOR gain measurement in the video Head Impulse Test – Andrew Bradshaw (2009-11)
  • Auditory influences on binocular rivalry – Amanda Parker (2008)
  • Unilateral centrifugation and ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials – Robby Vanpauwen (2007-11)
  • Vestibular and Optokinetic Input… Evoked potentials and ocular responses – Kristof Buytaert (2007-11)
  • The effect of centrifugal force on the floating ultricular macula – Omio Abedin (2007)
  • Human occular torsion and perception of line orientation – Samanthi Goonetilleke (2004-07)


  • Impaired driving skills in current methamphetamine users – David Bosanquet (2011)
  • Use of eye tracking system to validate a simulator to test visual driving skills – Jodie Attard (2009)
  • An analysis of the driving ability of dependent methamphetamine users – David Bosanquet (2008-9)
  • The effect of colour on the ability to read road signs – Sandie Copeland (2008)


  • Human interaction and response to virtual environments – Elisabeth Magdas (2013-14)
  • Pupillomitry and Dysautonomia in Chagas disease and Diabetes in Santa Cruz – Anthony Halperin (2009-10)
  • Stereopsis in human visual perception – Susan Wardle (2009)
  • Vergence eye movements elicited by approaching images on a front-parallel screen – France Corkin (2009)
  • Prosopagnosia and face scanning – Blossom Stephan (2002-03)


  • Improving eyewitness memory: Training an internal feature focus for unfamiliar faces – Clare Calderwood (2012)
  • Improving eyewitness identification: training for internal feature focus – Daniella Luppiano (2010)
  • ICU simulator study on prospective memory and visual cues – Tobias Grundeiger (2008-10)


  • Arousal and gambling mode preference – Julian Baudinet (2011)


  • Correlation of affective and cognitive variables in computer based tasks – Iain Brown (2011)


Keen to join the team?

Future Student Projects

Dr Hamish Macdougall is listed as a supervisor in the University of Sydney, School of Psychology for student Honour’s projects.

Projects are not limited to Psychology students. Collaboration opportunities with other schools, such as Engineering, are more than welcome.

For further information please contact Dr Hamish MacDougall

Possible areas of involvement include:


Vehicle simulations:

Motion simulations:

Virtual Environment:

  • Human interaction and processing
  • Training tools
  • Effects of changing visual perception