Optokinetic Cloud for Gear VR


Optokinetic Cloud is a VR three-dimensional field of dots moving in one particular trajectory (optokinetic stimuli). The optokinetic stimulus is a display of 1000 spheres of 10 cm radius, randomly distributed in 3D around a head – centered globe and programmed to appear to lie in depth between 10 and 50 m from the view point. The screen background is blue, and the spheres were white. Every 200 ms a random sphere is deleted and a new one is created in a random location so that the pattern was always changing and so is unrecognizable. The entire three-dimensional field (globe with all spheres) is rotated at a velocity of 20°/s around two diagonal axes. The subjective experience was like being inside a 3D planetarium.





Mixte Reality video of the Optokinetic Cloud:


Publications related to the Optokinetic Cloud App:


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